Sarah holds clinics  in Glastonbury,  Bath and Cheltenham.

Sarah Miners
Energy Medicine, Nutrition & Naturopathy

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 Suitable for adults, children, babies and pets alike.


Comprehensive ASYRA Screening can be used to help identify factors that might be contributing to your particular health issues, such as vitamin/ mineral deficiencies, hormone & neurotransmitter imbalances, toxins & pathogens, food & environmental sensitivities, energetic organ imbalances (eg liver, thyroid, adrenals, kidneys), and so much more.


Can be used for a wide range of health conditions such as IBS/ digestive issues, headaches & migraines, skin complaints, arthritis, anxiety & depression, food cravings, fatigue & low immunity, pain and inflammatory health issues. 


The screening itself will help to determine what natural supplements (such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, & homeopathics for example) might benefit you in the short term to help you to improve your symptoms.


The screening will generate a report, as well as a bespoke homeopathic formula to help improve your symptoms, which will both be sent to you. 


You simply need to send a hair, nail, or fur sample to be analysed and run through the ASYRA technology. 


Please note, the Comprehensive ASYRA Screening is always run in conjunction with an analysis of your symptoms by a qualified therapist. 

Comprehensive ASYRA Screening

  • Once you have completed the purchase you will have access to a  Remote Testing Form for you to complete, to send with your hair & nail sample. 

    For the sample, please supply hair approximately the size of a 1p piece, from the ends. Also send with 3 nail clippings (from fingers or toes.)  If your hair is dyed, do not send any.  Instead, send 10 nail clippings.

    For animals, please supply a fur or mane sample the size of a 50p piece.

    The screening is normally then carried out within 3 - 10 days of receiving your sample, and you are sent the results, homeopathic formula, and any additional supplement recommendations as generated afterwards, by email or post.