Sarah holds clinics  in Glastonbury,

Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham.

Sarah White
Energy Medicine, Nutrition & Naturopathy

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Olive Nutrition
Energy Medicine, Nutrition & Naturopathy
Helping you to heal from the inside out...


Improve your health and vitality


Have you been suffering from a health condition which is limiting your life?  Have you tried a number of approaches to wellness yet still feel unwell?  Are you longing to (re)gain your health and vitality?


Using a number of holistic approaches to wellness (including ASYRA bio-resonance technology to help ascertain imbalances & sensitivities in your system), qualified Nutritional Therapist & Energy Medicine Practitioner Sarah White can help you with your journey back to wholeness.

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About Sarah


About Sarah...

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist (BANT and CNHC registered) with much naturopathic experience, who has a keen interest in many different techniques and approaches that can help you back to wellness and wholeness.  I also have a deep interest in how we can really heal from the inside out, and what the journey to wellness and wholeness actually entails. 

As well as my formal training, I also utilise many techniques that have personally enabled me to heal after years of suffering with various health problems. This has given me a great deal of insight into the healing process which I would like to share with you!

NEW: visit my shop which sells various tests using ASYRA Bio-resonance Technology to help you find out what imbalances might be contributing to your symptoms; and bespoke homeopathic formulas for a range of health conditions. Suitable for adults, children and even pets!

 Olive Nutrition
 is managed by Nutritional Therapist
Sarah White
(BA/ BSc Hons, dip ION, mCNHC, mBANT).
Sarah trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. She is a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), and  the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC.)  She is also a Bioresonance Practitioner and a qualified Pranic Healer; and is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. 
Sarah has been actively advising clients since 2008, and has a deep understanding of how devastating - and frustrating - ill-health can be.  She employs a range of techniques, working very much on a mind-body-spirit basis, to help clients re-gain their health. Therapies on offer currently include Nutritional Therapy/ Dietary Advice, ASYRA Health Screening, Digital Homeopathy,  Pranic Healing, and her own programme for helping to achieve long-lasting health 'The Healing Way.' 
How my Services Work 
I offer consultations both in person and remotely (via Skype/ Telephone.)  In person sessions are held in Glastonbury, Bath, and once a month in Cheltenham.
All ASYRA Screening sessions can be either in person or undertaken remotely (ie no need for actual attendance.)
Consultations may be initially in one discipline, but follow-ups can be in another.
Call today to find out how I can help you!

Call me today on 07701 074 875 or at

 Asyra Health Screening
In conjunction with an analysis of your symptoms from a naturopathic perspective, the ASYRA offers a comprehensive series of tests which includes:
Food Sensitivity Testing
      Testing  over 200 foods and drink, together with common  chemical  and/ or environmental allergens.
 Hormone & Neurotransmitter Profiles
      ASYRA Screening can help to identify hormonal  & neurotransmitter imbalances, and appropriate remedies can be suggested as a result.
Toxins & Factors Affecting Immunity
      Tests can help to establish what pathogens or toxins you may have, and how to improve your immunity, detoxification and general wellbeing as a result. 
Factors Affecting Skin & Joint Health
   ASYRA Screening can help to identify vitamins and minerals and other supplements to help improve your symptoms.
Stress & Fatigue Profiles
   Factors underlying stress and fatigue can be identified and appropriate supplements recommended.
Organ & Meridian Imbalances
      As with acupuncture, ASYRA Screening can help to detect which organs may be out of balance energetically-speaking: the energetic status of 40 major organs (eg Thyroid, Adrenals, Kidneys, Skin, Stomach, Liver) can be assessed.
Nutritional Status & Dietary Requirements
    ASYRA Screening can help to identify dietary requirements, such as the need for more protein, certain vitamins or minerals,  or essential fats for example.
Depression, Anxiety & Pain Management
      Factors affecting depression, anxiety and chronic pain can be identified; and natural substances indicated to help you alleviate your health issues.
Digestive & Metabolic Profiles
      Bioresonance Screening comprises a range of tests to help identify factors affecting digestive and abdominal complaints, and weight loss/ gain. 



Asyra Screening


Always in conjunction with discussing and understanding your symptoms from a naturopathic perspective, ASYRA Screening can be used to help identify factors contributing to a wide range of health conditions including fatigue, depression & anxiety, digestive issues, food & environmental sensitivities, hair & skin problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches & migraines, chronic pain, arthritis and degenerative health conditions.  It can then help to establish what particular supplements may help you to alleviate your symptoms over a period of 6 - 8 weeks.



​With each ASYRA Screening session, you will receive a personalised homeopathic remedy to help rebalance your body and improve symptoms.  This is a highly individualised remedy -not available elsewhere - which will be specifically formulated for you and based upon what your current needs are.  This is included in the price of each consultation. 

How It Works

Asyra Screening uses Bioresonance Technology, which is at the forefront of Energy Medicine. Mapping hundreds of energetic frequencies onto your energy field, the Asyra machine can help to determine frequencies that your body 'doesn't like', and then suggest targeted natural substances (eg vitamins/ minerals/ herbs/ enzymes) for you to work with over a short-term period of about 6 - 8 weeks to help improve your symptoms.  

Digital Kinesiology & Homeopathy

 Basically, the ASYRA operates as a digital kinesiology device, helping to identify hundreds of items/ frequencies/ factors that could be affecting your energetic status and physical wellbeing.  

Indeed, if you're familiar with kinesiology (muscle-testing), the ASYRA Pro works in a similar way, but it is computerised and so much faster.  For that reason, hundreds of items/ factors/ frequencies that might be affecting your symptoms can be tested quickly and efficiently in just one session.  

ASYRA Screening for Animals & Pets

Animals and pets can greatly benefit from ASYRA Screening and the subsequent homeopathic treatment, and they often respond quickly to treatment.   


Please note, for pets, the Screening is not in person and is undertaken by sending a fur sample. 

ASYRA Screening for Babies & Children

As with animals, babies and young children often respond quickly to ASYRA Screening and homeopathic treatment: remedies can be in the form of tinctures, or little sugary pillules which children often love taking! 


Please note, for babies and young children, the Screening is not in person and is undertaken by sending a small hair and nail sample. 

Remote Testing 

Remote Testing is a standard feature of ASYRA technology - the machine was specifically designed to operate this way.  So wherever you are in the world you can benefit from ASYRA Bio-resonance Technology! 

You can now buy a Remote Test online - see my SHOP for details. 

Call me today on 07701 074 875 or at

Nutritional Therapy
 If you choose to work with me to change your diet, I can offer the following:
  • BANT & CNHC Registered Nutritional Therapist
  • Knowledge of many current Western dietary perspectives eg vegan diets, ketogenic diets, low carbohydrate & low glycaemic approaches, intermittant fasting regimes
  • Naturopathic Techniques such as Liver Flushing
  • Interest & practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic dietary approaches including yin/ yang imbalances, doshas
  • Weight Loss programmes that work and support healthy metabolism
  • Support after your consultation - dietary changes can take a while to become established
  • Key dietary changes that are manageable for you and fit into your lifestyle
  • ASYRA Screening can be used to fine-tune dietary requirements and create a targeted supplement programme for you
Who Can Benefit
Working with diet and Nutritional Therapy, you can alleviate many health conditions including stress, chronic fatigue, skin complaints, IBS and digestive issues, weight loss & gain, headaches and migraines, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, and degenerative health conditions.
Weight Loss, Eating Disorders, Stress & Fatigue, Digestive Issues
As a Nutritional Therapist who specialises in the above (and who has had personal experience of the above,) I can help you to make long-lasting approaches to your diet to help you to greatly improve your symptoms.  
Call me today on 07701 074 875 or at
The Healing Way

If you are serious about understanding the nature of health and illness then this package is for you !

Or, if you have been experiencing uncomfortable or distressing symptoms for quite a while, and have not made significant improvements with any healing modality, you are highly recommended to undertake this 'package' of sessions that will seek to guide you more closely through your healing process and help you to understand what your body is trying to communicate to you!

 It can often be a challenging journey, with information that might be difficult to grasp at first, but The Healing Way can nevertheless help to open up other perspectives which may be crucial to really helping you understand the causal effects of your  ill health.  Indeed, it is simply extraordinary what can change when implementing such knowledge...

Call me today on 

07701 074 875 or at

What You Can Expect
  • Six sessions, each taken about a 6 weeks apart, or at your convenience.

  • The sessions can be in person or undertaken remotely (via Skype/ Telephone.)

  • Each session is designed to take you deeper into the nature of health and illness, and to explore your own symptoms in much more depth. 

  • Learn to really listen to the wisdom of your body - what is your body really trying to say to you?

  • The approaches contained in this course are taken from a range of materials both ancient and new, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, esoteric texts, and more modern day techniques.

  • Invaluable knowledge that is sure to change the way you view your health issues, and assist your recovery on a more deep-rooted basis.  


Here are some recent comments:

"Hi Sarah. I wanted to let you know that your advice and treatment has had a huge positive impact on me.  My stomach problems have gone!  I no longer have tummy ache and embarrassing wind after my meals. I feel brilliant!"   Jasmine from Somerset

"After two operations and a couple of months off work recuperating, I visited Sarah who helped me get my strength back with the right supplements and diet.  After one week or so I felt much better and stronger.  I still follow her recipe ideas which were delicious and healthy."  M from Glastonbury

"I took my daughter to see Sarah and she really helped her by recommending supplements and a special diet.  Sarah is very friendly and approachable, I would highly recommend her."  Lucy from Somerset

"I have lost a total of 16 lbs now which is amazing.  My concentration levels have improved along with my cravings for sweet things... I am hugely thankful for what I have achieved through coming to see you."  D from Shepton Mallet

"I cannot believe the difference in my cat!  Before the Asyra homeopathic treatment she could barely eat and she became so emaciated.  I took her to the vets but nothing in particular showed and I was simply recommended expensive blood tests.  I decided to give your treatment a go and am simply amazed by the results.  My cat is back to her normal self and eating voraciously again!"  S & R from Somerset

"I had very sensitive teeth and could not eat anything sweet.  I went to see you for an ASYRA screening and you focussed on my teeth and made a particular homeopathic formula for me.  My resistance to sugar has improved no end and has had a long-lasting effect, simply by taking your ASYRA formula.  I would recommend this to anyone who has experienced severe tooth pain!"  M from Glastonbury 

"The Healing Way has been a remarkable journey for me...  I've covered a lot of ground... Though it has been quite uncomfortable at times, it's helped me heal from the inside.  Your guidance has been invaluable Sarah."  
SB, Wiltshire
" I went ... thinking that perhaps I was suffering from a severe allergy which my GP wasn't able to pick up.  Sarah used an unusual method [to help me... The ASYRA] but within minutes came up with an accurate complaint (an injured toe) that I had not mentioned. I confirmed that she was right but asked to concentrate on my terrible itching and total lack of energy.  This she did and told me that [my immune system needed support]. I have now been taking [the indicated natural remedies] ... and the result is amazing.  The severe itching has faded away, the deep cough which was uncontrollable has now almost disappeared and my energy has returned... All I can say is thank Goodness I Found Her."
NC, Cheltenham